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Thank you for your interest in our Services!!! We are Mike and Tonda, a husband and wife team that started Get-M-Home pet transports in 2005 out of our own needs. We are small Bully breeders and
use to fly our babies. The airlines (Delta) lost one of our babies for about 10 hours, and we like to lost

our minds with worry. I vowed to never go thru that again!! Thus Get-M-Home was founded. It has since turned into a full time job that keeps us busy year round. We love it!! We are not a big operation with
box trucks, nor do we want to be. Our transport service offers your pets a more personal ride as we

like to bond with all of our passengers so they know they are safe and in good company, reducing stress and enabling them to enjoy there journey home. The big kids are walked individually every 4 hours with great conversation and scratches. The babies are held and cooed often as well. We do not let the little ones play in the grass if they have not had ALL of their shots (too many bugs and diseases to take a chance) You baby will be delivered clean and happy to  their new parents. We free feed and water all of the kids on board, so they can eat and drink at their own leisure instead of a designated time
(some pet's don't care for schedules LOL!!) We also encourage you to call and check on them anytime during there journey with us, we always have great stories to tell about the kid's on board. Feel free to call or E-mail with any questions or concerns. We look forward to earning your business and hanging out with your kid's!!

~ Tonda & Mike

Up-Front Rates

No Add-Ons!! This is TOTAL Cost

Length  X  Width  X  Height

Large.....36x26x24= $675
Xtra Lg..42x28x30= $775


Note: We will not Transport an animal in a crate that is too small. If you choose a crate too small for your pet, we will upgrade to the  proper size & bill you accordingly.

What the temperatures are going to be.

Getting up with the birds to make it to the airport 2 hours before takeoff.

Calling every airline trying to coordinate a trip suitable for Buyer & Seller

Wondering if someone is going to call & let you know the puppy has landed.

One call to us & it's Done!!

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Classic Kennels
Collie, Dachshund, Japanese Chin, Poodle, Shih Tzu

Shiba Inus, Tamaskan Wolfdogs

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English & Valley Bulldogs