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5 Best CBD Oils For Dogs

Unfortunately, our pets may sometimes suffer from various unpleasant diseases such as pain, post-traumatic stress, inflammation, skin problems, excessive hair loss, etc. In this case, you can’t use the same products as for yourself, such as https://cbdgummiesforpain.org/reviews/koi-gummies. Still, if you want to improve your pet’s vitality or support their veterinary treatment, you could use oils based on the cannabidiol that can be a dietary supplement or an additional medicine. We offer you a review of the top 5 CBD oils for dogs.

Honest Paws

The manufacturers use only organic tinctures that are tested in the laboratories for producing oils. This type of oil is represented with three levels of purity. Each level is intended for different breeds of hounds. The first purity level oil can be used for smaller breeds up to 25 lbs. The second level is prescribed for dogs weighing from 25 to 50 lbs as cannabidiol concentration is higher in this oil. The third level of pure oil contains the highest cannabidiol and is used for dogs with more than 50 lbs.

King Kanine

If you look at the website of this company, you won't see just cbd reviews. Looking at this company’s website carefully, you will be able to see many custom dog treats like crunches, special dog cookies, etc. made of organic ingredients. Talking about medical therapy, we could note natural tinctures, balms, and oils for topical use. Besides, King Kanine produces CBD oils for every breed that makes its usage more convenient and safe.


They specialize in producing CBD oils not only for people but also for their pets. There is a good choice of flavored and unflavored tinctures that can be added to the dog’s food to make your pet take medicine faster. You can get oils ranging from 150 mg to 750 mg, depending on your pet's size. You can also use a convenient calculator on the company’s website to figure out the right dosage for your pet.


Reading elixinol.reviews, you can hardly notice that they produce goods for pets as the high priority is given to human products. However, this company is in demand for a large number of pet owners. The company offers treats, dietary supplements, and CBD oils of different doses for your hound. No need to worry about the quality of the products you are going to buy because all products were tested and certified. That’s why they are absolutely safe.

NuLeaf Naturals

The company uses only non-GMO hemp plants from organic farmlands in the USA. If your dog needs some veterinary treatment, don’t hesitate to pick up the goods from this company that is famous for its high-quality goods to help your fluffy friend. And to let your dog down easy, you could choose dog treats from a wide range of helpful products. If you feel that you can’t choose something exciting for yourself, you can read a https://cbdoilforpain.reviews/reviews/sundayscaries-review to learn where to find CBD gummies, candies, bath bombs, and so on.

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